Q&A with Baymard’s Christian Holst about Checkout Optimization

This is a follow-up post on the VWO webinar, which was conducted on October 29th, 2014. Since there were many questions that Christian couldn’t address during the webinar from our live audience, he took out time to answer each one of them later and we’re extremely thankful to him for the effort. You can scroll down to see the Q&A. For those of you who couldn’t attend it, here are the quick details of the webinar: Topic: 8 Checkout Optimization Lessons Based on 5+ Years of Testing Presented by: Christian Holst, Baymard Institute Christian Holst is the Co-founder and Research Director at the Baymard Institute. He’s the author of the E-Commerce Checkout Usability and Mobile E-Commerce Usability research reports. He’s a contributor at Smashing Magazine and is also a regular speaker at conferences, like Mobile Commerce World, Smarter Web Strategies, and many others. Hosted by: Siddharth Deswal, VWO Register here…

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